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June 19, 2007

"Playin'" with the T-Mobile Wing and T-Mobile Dash

I had a chance this afternoon to spend a half-hour or so with the T-Mobile Wing and Dash. Both running Windows Mobile, the main attraction was a phone-based EDGE solution for my laptop. Prognosis? Pretty, reasonably functional, but both require two-hand operation. My Blackberry's mostly one-handed operation turns out to be more valuable to me than I thought.

The Dash is unusual for a PDA-esque Windows device in that it does NOT have a touch screen. While still useable, I found several moments in my trial having to hold back my fingers from the screen. The Wing, on the other hand, DOES have a touchable screen, and comes with stylus operation. Interestingly, I found myself using both hands to type, as well as using the stylus. While in general I do not recommend using any kind of smart phone while operating a vehicle, I really don't recommend Wing usage at a stop light or in traffic. I suppose this should have been expected given the full keyboard.

Size-wise the Wing is a bit on the fat size, but forgivable since it comes with a beautiful large screen and a reasonable camera (not a problem if you carry a purse or equivalent). The Dash on the other hand, is just a bit thinner than my Blackberry. Towards the end of my short session, I had to look something up on Google. I tried it on the Dash, gave up. Tried it on the Wing, gave up, and finally got it done on my Blackberry... with one hand.

So, there it is. I was looking for a laptop-modemable Wifi, Edge-cable phone. I found two, none of which I was ready to take in exchange for good ole' BB.

Addendum: The fact that I found myself using the stylus on the Wing and wanting to on the Dash says something. I never need to worry about the screen on BB. But then, it doesn't run PowerPoint.

T-Mobile vs. Verizon vs. Sprint

a.k.a. EDGE vs. EVDO Rev 0 vs EDVO Rev A

To think, the T-Mobile looked straight into my eyes and said that there wasn't much different in speeds between T-Mobile and other carriers. I found some real numbers on Richard's spreasheets on Swivel. His answer is resounding Sprint. The test is not quite what I wanted, since it is access from his location to various Speakeasy speed test servers. What I really want is a true test, using the speed test servers, from the various locations. In any case, the SF download speeds for T-Mobile vs. Verizon vs. Sprint is 144:930:1,081, uploads are 9:114:512 kbps. 9?!?!

Update: What we really want is a GPS-enabled phone (same phone) on all three carriers (four including Cingular), giving us location-based results for the different carriers. THAT would be a very nice article and mashup project.

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