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September 8, 2006

Upgraded, swapped hosts to lunarpages, I'm alive!!

I'm pleased to report that you have reached the new home for Tim's Journal. I procrastinated for quite a while, worrying about losing my laminate flooring hits, but finally realized that I had completely lost sight of why I started blogging in the first place - to capture ideas, thoughts, hopes and dream so that tomorrow I can remember yesterday.

The backend has been updated to Movable Type 3.32. What an upgrade from 3.14! Plugins are much easier to manage and it even comes default with a style swapper. Installation was a breeze. Overall, very professional.

After about 3 months of testing, I have swapped my preferred host, from Globat to Lunarpages, and couldn't be more pleased. Performance is zippy, scripts run 3-4x faster. The File Manager which includes an option to extract tar.gz and zip archives. (I had written a silly little PHP script at Globat which thankfully is no longer needed.)

If you can't tell I'm really excited to start blogging again. Welcome!

May 7, 2007

The MT v3.35 "upgrade"

Massive amounts of work need to be done to pull out unwelcome comments and trackbacks... hence, a new start for a new stage of life. Rather than taking the usual upgrade path, I went ahead and installed a clean v3.35 Movable Type. Over the next few weeks I will be incorporating old posts from the original Tim's Journal, as well as ranting anew. Welcome!

StyleCatcher installation notes, repositories

All-in-all, the v3.35 install went quite smoothly, though I did have some issues with getting StyleCatcher, the included style management plugin, to work properly. Looks like I'm not the only one... Symptom: Ability to select thumbnail from repository, reciept of successful install, but resulting in a blog with no style for most (though not all) selected styles.

The fix for me turned out to be very straight-forward, i.e., the Theme Root URL was incorrect. As with most MT installs, after unarchiving the tar.gz to the cgi-bin directory, we are instructed to re-locate the mt-static directory to an accessible location. StyleCatcher, unfortunately, is not saavy enough to check mt-config.cgi for the mt-static location. Instead it defaults (in my case) to .../torque/cgi-bin/mt/mt-static/themes rather than .../torque/mt-static/themes. Corrected, the plugin works as promised. The current template is Fleur by Jennifer Maloney.

Once you get it going, you might be interested in locating other StyleCatcher repositories. Here's my list (with appropriate Theme or Repository URL):

Note that some of these take longer to load than others. Have patience and enjoy! If you know of any more, let me know.

*Very much related to "thestylecontest".

May 8, 2007

TypeKey apologies

MovableType 3.x allows you to restrict commenting to those authorized by SixApart's TypeKey. After turning it on, I noticed that I was not only not able to comment (on my own entries), but getting the following unhelpful error:

Our apologies.

TypeKey has encountered an error. The requested page could not be found or the requested action could not be completed. Please check the URL carefully and try again. If you accessed this page from an email, make sure you cut and pasted the URL accurately.

This was resolved with some sleuthing -- special thanks to Paul Philippov. See answer in MovableType Knowledge Base. Log into TypeKey and scroll down to the bottom of Account Preferences. Under Weblog Preferences you should find a link to the blog URL in question. You must end with a trailing slash, i.e., "". Lame.

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