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DisconnectedContext was detected

Context 0x1fa878 is disconnected. No proxy will be used to service the request on the COM component. This may cause corruption or data loss. To avoid this problem, please ensure that all contexts/apartments stay alive until the application is completely done with the RuntimeCallableWrappers that represent COM
Wow, look at that jargon. Anglais, si'l vous plait. My humble attempt, can you do better?
Dude, remember when I told you that running multiple chunks of code in parallel, i.e., multi-threading, was evil? Remember how you didn't listen to me? Well, I noticed that you are manipulating some stuff from chunk one in chunk two. What are you going to do if chunk one suddenly ends and the stuff disappears?

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That helped me fine :-) I worked out was wrong with my co-operating background workers thanks to your definition of the error.

Another piece of help for people would be "DON'T PRESS CONTINUE, PRESS OK". That way your computer won't freak out and your program won't eat all your ram and cause an agonisingly slow computer death.


Thanks ^^
Micro$oft felt fancy again and wanted to make a confusing error.
But you nailed it for me.
Thanks =)

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