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Resolving the missing Ad Management link (SMF 1.1.3)

Symptom: Installing Ad Management for SMF 1.1.3 from smfads.com indicates success. No Ad Management link is present under Configuration tab. However, inspection (view source) reveals an incomplete link, in my case to


with no parameters. The incomplete link can be visually checked by noticing the extra space between Configuration and the next tab.

Resolution: Per jerm, the issue has to do with english versus english-utf8. The current version "ad_mod_1-1-x_v2-3" creates a file called "Ads.english.php" in the languages folder of the default directory. A quick glance at the 1.1.3 install (and probably a few subversions back) shows that a copy should probably be made for "Ads.english-utf8.php". Create this copy by hand for quick resolution OR alternatively, installing using ad_mod_1-1-x_v2-3x (simple hack to include utf8 copy). The only real change to the package is the addition of Ads.english-utf8.php (copy), and adding the following line to package-info.xml to read:

require-file name="Ads.english-utf8.php" destination="$languagedir"

Let me know if there are any issues or if you found the hack helpful.

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No the mod failed for me :(

For me is not working either :(


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