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Thinkpad X61 Tablet -- MultiView/SuperView update

This thread from thinkpads.com suggests that the outdoor viewing feature of the MultiView is encapsulated in SuperView. "All three good for use indoors or in bright light (sunlight)." However, reading through, including rep responses, suggests there is massive confusion about this. Remember that MultiView also includes better viewing angles... bottom line is that I'm interested in an outdoor viewable display at 1400x1050 (SXGA). The question is if it exists, or if SuperView is only "improved" viewing vs. outdoor viewing. GomJabbar summarizes:

Slashgear wrote:

The X61 Tablet has a new SuperView SXGA+ screen, coated with a special scratch-resistant and anti-reflective layer which makes it extra usable outdoors. MultiView and MultiTouch remain options. [emphasis mine]

TheTabletPC wrote:

With SuperView, a direct bonding technology in SXGA+ resolution screens, users experience lower reflectivity than similar panel technologies for excellent readability outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The technology helps prevent scratching, making the Tablet PC extremely durable under harsh conditions. [emphasis mine]

I think it is all still speculation. A good question would be whether MultiView has anything to do with the so-called "direct bonding technology". It would seem from this press release that SuperView is something else all together. (On another interesting note, the press release quotes Jerry Batt, VP and CIO of Pulte Homes... why are they quoting from a home builder? Interesting... I would say if Jerry Batt uses the SuperView SXGA in broad daylinght, reviewing some CAD drawing, I'm game.)

Let me try asking the question again (which only Lenovo can really answer...). With regards to outdoor brightness viewability (no i didn't mean the font size), choose one answer:

  1. SuperView = MultiView
  2. SuperView < MultiView
  3. SuperView > MultiView
  4. SuperView <> MultiView

I bet it is #4.

Update: This is direct from the Lenovo site:

Work efficiently indoors and outdoors with the MultiView/MultiTouch and SuperView screens, even in sunlight.

MultiView/MultiTouch display provides outstanding indoor/outdoor viewing and versatile interaction through touch or digitizer pen. SuperView SXGA+ high resolution screen offers improved outdoor view-ability, especially in sunlight.

Does "outstanding" = "improved"??

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