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Printing with Google Spreadsheets

5:01 PM 6/19/2007. Printing does not work. It flat out doesn't work. Ok, ok, it works in a sense, stuff comes out of the printer, but columns are chopped and the chopped data doesn't even show up on future pages. See scan. Now I will humbly copy my spreadsheet data to Microsoft Excel and print. Mr. Gates, you may now say "I told you so." (Of course, maybe this is G's way to wipe out all paper copies... but hey, I still don't have EDGE or EVDO in my car, and no, I shouldn't be looking at Google Docs with my one hand while driving...)

5:10 PM 6/19/2007. Cutting and pasting into Excel from Google Spreadsheets does not work. It flat out doesn't work. The caveat here is that I have It doesn't work when you paste from the app, and it doesn't. Here's the source:

And the Excel paste:

Not cool. You get somewhat better results by pressing Print in Google Spreadsheets, and copying and pasting from that. However, the results are still rather lacking...

Sigh. The problem here are all the carriage returns I have embedded in the cells.

Update. The (lame) solution. Wipe out middle column so I know there is enough paper space. Print first page, establish what I need to re-size the last column to. Re-size and re-print.

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