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Omron 712C --> HEM790-IT with USB

Last Christmas, my parents sent me an Omron blood pressure monitor (uh...thanks). At first, I was a bit disgruntled, but this has turned out to be a wonderful gift! Since receiving it, I have been rather obsessively jotting down the numbers various times during the day. I keep meaning to get it into Excel, but it really has been too much of a pain. What I really want is some sort of auto-download into the PC. Unfortunately, my model, the Omron 712C, while recording the last N results, does not have any straight-forward way of getting data into a PC. The closest I came are the four pads right under the pressure sensor suggestively labeled GND, RXD, TXD, VCC. These are probably used to program the device.


Enter the Omron HEM790-IT. About twice as much, but still under $100, it comes with "Health Management Software" which promises to checks for "morning hypertension" and supports 2 users. The most important piece, however, is the USB slot. The software manual suggests an MDAC and .NET requirement, which means the data should be accessible. Now if I can only get it to transmit wirelessly!

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