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How to mount a USB key under Solaris 10 x86

Had to do this today, and it took a few tries. Here's what you need to do (incomplete original):

  1. Insert USB key (ok if machine is alive)
  2. "iostat -En" will tell you where to find your USB device, e.g.,
    c5t0d0 Soft Errors: 2 Hard Errors: 0 Transport Errors: 0 Vendor: USB 2.0 Product: Flash Disk Revision: 1.00 Serial No: Size: 0.13GB <130023424 bytes> Media Error: 0 Device Not Ready: 0 No Device: 0 Recoverable: 0 Illegal Request: 2 Predictive Failure Analysis: 0 --> c5t0d0
  3. "devfsadm -C"
  4. "mount -F pcfs /dev/dsk/c1t0d0p0:c /mnt/" -- Make sure you write "dsk" and not "rdsk". Also, you must have trailing slash on the target directory!!
  5. "umount /mnt" when finished

Amazingly, it actually works. My USB key was formatted FAT32, and I suspect this technique should also work for any other kind of USB storage. If you confirm, let me know.

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You may want to be consistent; use "c5t0d0" or "c1t0d0". Also you might want to explain how you got "c1t0d0p0:c". Where did "p0:c" come from? what does it mean?

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