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Taking (newbie) kids fishing (Bay Area)

I'll be the first to admit that we are newbies when it comes to fishing. After a couple months of practicing casting on the front lawn (and plenty of requests), we finally got a chance to take the boys this afternoon. Where to? The Parkway Lake "Sure Catch" pond a.k.a. the Huck Finn Pond [map]. It costs $2.50 per pole, and just about everything is provided, including a very courteous gentleman named Edgar who will take care of getting everything, pole, weight and cheese bait, together for you. What's the catch (no pun intended)? All fish caught must be purchased at $4.50/lb. A bit steep for catfish, but hey, it's the adventure right? Even if you elect to fish in the lake, there is no catch-and-release, so this is the right place. If you don't plan to go home right away, bring a cooler for the fish - you can buy ice at the shop at the entrance.

Muy peligroso. A word of caution. Kids + water = danger. This is no joke. Keep eyes on kids at all times, and leave if your children start to misbehave. Certainly wear floation gear if you elect to fish by rushing water. Better yet, do not fish by rushing water. Do read this sober article before going.

Timing. We went at 1:30. Do not go at 1:30. The fish will be sleeping. Go at about 3:30, they wake up at 4.

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